Writing Assignment Development

Below are writing assignments and series of assignments developed by faculty from different disciplines with the help of the Writing Across the Curriculum program. In developing the assignments, the disciplinary faculty were guided by important principles of WAC theory of pedagogy:

Disciplinarity of writing assignments

Teaching students to write in a specific discipline means teaching them a way of thinking, researching, doing, and writing accepted in that discipline. Discipline-specific genres of writing (lab reports, historiography essays, case studies, etc.) need to be taught by disciplinary faculty alongside less-formal writing assignments designed to foster critical thinking and active learning.

Scaffolding of writing assignments

Scaffolded writing assignments guide students through a series of learning and writing tasks. Each new task is slightly more complex than the preceding one and builds on the competencies and skills already acquired by the student during the previous stages of a writing project. As a result, the whole course becomes infused with writing assignments, giving students sustained and guided practice in writing.

Opportunities for revision

Good writing is not produced in “one sitting.” Therefore, students need to be taught how to take a writing project through various stages of planning, drafting, revision, and editing.

Opportunities for feedback

Writers never work alone, so regular and constructive feedback from the instructor and peers is crucial for student learning.

Writing Assignment Examples by Department/College