The WAC Fellows Program

What is the WAC Fellows Program?

Writing Across the Curriculum is a program at UCF that assists faculty in creation and implementation of effective approaches to writing instruction in their discipline.

The WAC program collaborates with teams of faculty from all departments and disciplines to create customized projects that meet the needs of their departments and their students.


The goal of this collaboration is the development of discipline-specific, writing-related student-learning outcomes, and assignments to support those outcomes.

WAC Fellows Receive
  • A stipend for participating in the program
  • Books on the teaching of writing in the disciplines
  • Deliverables created in collaboration with WAC that approach writing with an effective strategy that is customized for their department and students
How Does the Program Work?

Program participants work in disciplinary teams of faculty. They develop sets of writing-related learning outcomes that are appropriate for their disciplines and the courses they teach. They also create sets of instructional materials, writing assignments with scaffolded activities and exercises, and assessment instruments to support the achievement of those writing-related learning outcomes.

The WAC Fellows Program is a combination of large and small group meetings. During the plenary meetings, the participants discuss various topics of writing theory and pedagogy and share with each other their writing instruction experiences, plans, and the materials they are developing. During small-group meetings, departmental teams work on the creation of those materials. At the end of the program, we hold a showcase and presentation session, during which the participants share the results of their work with each other as well as with an external audience of other faculty and administrators. At the end of the program, each participant receives a certificate of completion.

Where Do the Meetings Take Place?

Meetings are held in the newly-renovated “WAC Space” on the first floor of Trevor Colbourn Hall. The facility features spaces for large and small group work, computer work stations, and multi-media presentations.

How Can I Participate in the Program?
  • Assemble a team of 3-5 full-time faculty from your department or college, who are interested in participating in the WAC Fellows Program. Team members can come from one department or from several departments or programs across your college. Our experience shows that the most productive work happens in groups of 3-5 faculty members.
  • Contact WAC to further discuss the program. These conversations will help us better understand your needs.

If you are wondering what it is like to be a WAC Fellow, please visit the Faculty Testimonials page where recent program participants share their impressions of the experience.


We thank our partners, the Department and Writing and Rhetoric, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, and others.


If your group of faculty, department, or college is interested in participating in a future WAC Fellows Program, email WAC.