Vicki Lavendol

Posted by Vicki Lavendol

Writing is an element of every class I teach. I wanted to update my written assignments, but I was uncertain what to change and how. I met with Lindee, shared my existing syllabi, and described my written assignments. Lindee provided direct feedback, and suggested alternatives. Because I teach three subjects, in both lower and upper level courses, the areas of focus were quite different. As a result of my brief conversation with Lindee, I changed the written assignments in all three classes.... Read More

Arup Guha

Posted by Arup Guha

I met with Lindee Owens and Pavel Zemliansky in hopes of getting some guidance in how I could effectively introduce writing into my Computer Science courses. They helped me come up with ideas for assignments. After I received my first writing assignment for Discrete Structures II, Lindee examined a sample of my students' work to help me provide feedback to the class. Lindee confirmed my initial thought that my students knewtheir content area and wrote well mechanically. She also shared with me... Read More

The College of Nursing

Posted by The College of Nursing

In nursing, we have struggled with teaching students how to write professionally and technically for a nursing audience. Nursing students use many different styles of writing during the curriculum including writing informal journal entries, health assessments, case studies, and progress notes. These styles are very different from a formal paper. During the WAC Fellowship, the nursing faculty learned the importance of stressing writing for the appropriate audience and to incorporate writing as a... Read More

The Department of History

Posted by The Department of History

The WAC Fellows Program created a unique space for us to explore, through interdisciplinary plenary sessions and departmental workshops, the connection between writing assignments and discipline-specific learning outcomes. Program coordinators Pavel Zemliansky and Lindee Owens provided us with a clear pedagogical framework for our work, combining mini-lectures and handouts with selected chapters from John A. Bean's excellent how-to guide, Engaging Ideas: The Professor's Guide to Integrating... Read More

The Department of Chemistry

Posted by The Department of Chemistry

As part of the WAC Fellows program our team articulated departmental writing objectives in addition to targeting two high impact areas of the chemistry program. We concentrated on low stakes writing at the introductory level as well as high stakes writing at the senior level. As we shifted our focus on why we have students write, we better aligned our writing assignments to our learning goals. Working with Writing Across the Curriculum we designed a plan to introduce various writing-to-learn... Read More