pavelPavel Zemliansky, Professor and WAC Director 

I am a professor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. I teach courses in composition, rhetoric, and professional communication. My research focuses on areas of connection between writing across the curriculum and writing in the disciplines on the one hand and professional writing and professional communication on the other. My other research interests include visual and digital rhetorics, and intercultural communication. As WAC Director, I am responsible for planning and coordinating the activities of the program.



                                       Dan Martin, Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator

I am an associate instructor in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric, and I’ve been teaching writing courses at UCF for 13 years. I teach courses in digital writing, multimedia composition, and composition I and II. My primary research interests are digital rhetoric, multimodal writing, and WAC theory. I am particularly interested in how multimodal writing and WAC theory intersect and how writing shapes knowledge in different disciplines. I am also interested in writing assessment and feedback theory. I am currently researching how to use video feedback to respond to writing across disciplines and to enhance the teaching and learning of discipline-specific writing and knowledge.



steffenSteffen Guenzel, Coordinator Writing Across the Curriculum / UWC

For about 15 years I have been teaching classes on writing and rhetoric, especially in first year composition and professional writing. Gradually, my research interests have evolved from technology-assisted teaching and learning to writing more effectively in the disciplines.  In spring 2013 I teach the Writing/Tutoring Theory and Practice seminar to train new writing consultants that will enable us to provide quality writing support to more undergraduates, graduates and faculty from all over campus. In addition, I develop and implement a disciplinary writing consultant program to specifically address discipline specific writing goals and outcomes in the vertical curriculum that fellows develop in the WAC Fellows Program.