Mission and Goals

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program at UCF assists faculty in the creation and implementation of effective approaches to writing instruction in the disciplines. The WAC program collaborates with faculty from all departments and disciplines on the creation of theoretically and pedagogically sound and sustainable models of writing instruction across the curriculum.


At the center of our mission is  the evidence-based belief that when students are given frequent and structured opportunities to practice writing, they become more engaged with their learning, think more critically, and communicate more effectively. They are also better able to transfer knowledge and skills between courses and contexts.

“Vertical” Writing Instruction

We work to create a “vertical” system of writing instruction in which courses in various departments and majors and at various academic levels are infused with writing, thus giving UCF students multiple opportunities to practice academic writing during their career at the University.

We Provide
  • Assistance with the creation of college, department, and program-wide sets of writing related goals, objectives, and student learning outcomes.
  • University-wide workshops on the teaching and learning of writing
  • Department and discipline specific workshops, workgroups, and presentations
  • Small group and individual consultations with faculty
  • Training of writing tutors for specific disciplines and courses (in collaboration with the University Writing Center)
  • Work with Common Program Oversight Committee to create writing-enriched courses in all disciplines
  • Occasional customized presentations to students in the disciplines.
Partnership Model

We see ourselves as consultants who partner with faculty in other disciplines to design and implement writing assignments, assessments, and so on. We help faculty create customized projects that meet the needs of their departments and their students. Research in the field and practice of successful WAC programs show that the partnership model is the most effective and sustainable way to enrich university curricula with writing.

Writing Outreach Program

The WAC Program is a part of the Writing Outreach Programs, which also include the First-Year Writing Program and the University Writing Center. All the programs are housed in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric.