Nicholson School of Communication/Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

As we came into the 2012 Summer WAC Fellows Program, we each brought a desire to make student writing a more important part of our courses. The desire was nothing new, but for each of us it had become one of those things that had fallen victim to other things cutting in line on our “do to” lists. The 2012 Summer WAC Fellows Program proved to be wonderful opportunity for us to be immersed in the process of integrating writing into our courses. We spent quality time together as colleagues; we were exposed to some of the theory behind effective writing instruction; we learned practical techniques for incorporating writing in our curricula, and we enjoyed collaborating with colleagues from across the University (who, in spite of vast disciplinary differences, turned out to be dealing with the same issues and frustrations when it came to student writing). Just a few days later we left with real perspectives, real answers, and real plans. John Dewey argued that an educator’s job is to “furnish the environment which stimulates responses and directs the learner’s course.” Thanks to Pavel and Lindee for providing us WAC Fellows the environment to stimulate our planning as we attempt to create an environment that stimulates our students.