As faculty, we strive to provide our students with the finest learning experiences we can. Our journey with the WAC Fellows Program began by selecting one of our department’s courses to restructure with the goal of improving student writing and critical thinking. During the program we established an inventory of discipline-specific learning outcomes, modalities of knowledge acquisition and transfer, and career skills. In addition to these elements, we created low- and high-stakes writing assignments to help students engage with the material and promote critical thinking. Through presentations, plenary discussions, and time for working as a team, we were able to develop a restructured curriculum to benefit our students, our department, our college, and the university as a whole. It goes without saying that the invaluable tutelage of WAC personnel, coupled with the collegial and enthusiastic atmosphere, our project would not have evolved to a finished product that can now be implemented with the goal of improving our student’s writing and involvement. We extend our sincere appreciation to the WAC Fellows Program for giving us such a fantastic opportunity to help our students.