Faculty Fellows: Past and Present

Since the spring semester of 2012, more than 100 faculty members from 23 departments have completed the WAC Faculty Fellows program. For additional information on the WAC Faculty Fellows program, visit our corresponding webpage. For a full list of faculty members and departments represented in the WAC Faculty Fellows program, please see below:

Spring 2012 (7 Faculty Fellows)
  • Chemistry: Cherie Yestrebsky, Erin Saitta (now Assistant Director at the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning), Emily Heider, Lei Zha, Tamra Legron-Rodriguez (now at Rollins College)
  • Nursing: Patricia Weinstein, Victoria Loerzel and Jonathan Decker
  • History: Emily Graham(now at Oklahoma State University), Dan Murphree and Scot French
Summer 2012 (14 Faculty Fellows)
  • Hospitality Management: Denvert Severt, Duncan Dixon, Vicki Lavendol, Premila Whitney, and Po-Ju Chen
  • Mathematics and Computer Science: Arup Guha and Ram Mohapatra
  • Psychology: Alisha Janowsky, Daniel Mcconnell, Jay Brophy-Ellison (Lake Mary campus), Stacey Dunn (Sanford campus), Ed Fouty (Daytona campus), Steven Berman (Daytona campus), and Margaret Kennerly (Daytona campus)
  • Communication: James Katt, Steven Neel, and Sally Hanstings
Fall 2012 (15 Faculty Fellows)
  • Political Science: Kerstin Hamann, Bruce Wilson, and Peter Jacques
  • Film Studies: Andrew Gay, Lisa Mills, Lori Ingle, and Lisa Peterson
  • Anthropology: Joanna Mishtal, Ty Matejowsky, Beatriz Reyes-Foster, J. Marla Toyne, and John Walker
  • Nano Science: Andre Gesquierre and Swadeshmukul Santra
Spring 2013 (10 Faculty Fellows)
  • Music: J. L. Pherigo, Joe Gennaro, and Jeffrey Moore
  • Management: Phyllis Harris, Leslie Connell, and Lynn Becker
  • Accounting: Pamela Roush and Barbara Durham
  • Finance: Ann Marie Whyte and Melissa Frye
Fall 2013 (10 Faculty Fellows)
  • Industrial Engineering: Tim Kotnour, Robert Hoekstra, and Serena Haddad
  • Education: Jeff Kaplan, Elsie Olan, Yolanda Hood
  • History (II): Anne Lindsey, Edward Dandrow, Barbara Gannon, Yovanna Pineda
Spring 2014 (9 Faculty Fellows)
  • Modern Languages: Martha Garcia (Spanish), Julie Pomerleau (Spanish), and (Maria) Grazia Spina (Italian, French, German)
  • Nursing (II): Linda Gibson-Young, Norma Comer, and Loretta Forlaw
  • College of Health and Public Affairs: Karol Lucken, Joseph Sanborn, and Cory Watkins
Fall 2014 (9 Faculty Fellows)
  • College of Optics and Photonics: Mercedeh Khajavikhan, David Hagan, Patrick Likamwa
  • College of Education and Human Performance: Thomas Cox, Carolyn Hopp, Rosa Cintron-Delgado, Taylar Wenzel, Vicky Zygouris Coe, Janet Andreasen
Spring 2015 (10 Faculty Fellows)
  • Rosen College of Hospitality Management: Ahmet Ozturk, Murat Kizildag, Nan Hua
  • Department of Philosophy: Jeanine Viau, Stacey Tanner, Steven McFarlane
  • Department of Anthropology: Sandra Wheeler, John Schultz, Amanda Groff, Lana Williams
Spring 2016 (9 Faculty Fellows)
  • School of Visual Arts and Design (Film Studies): Katharine Shults, Christopher Harris, Robert Jones
  • Rosen College of Hospitality Management: Fevzi Okumus, Mathilde VanNeukirk, Mehmet Altin
  • College of Business (Integrated Business major): Frank Tamberelli, Carlos Valdez, Ghada Baz
Spring 2017 (9 Faculty Fellows)
  • School of Visual Arts and Design (Art and Art History): Margaret Zaho, Ilenia Colon-Mendoza, Keri Watson
  • Rosen College of Hospitality Management: Amy Gregory, Manuel Rivera
  • Department of Philosophy: Luis Favela, Christian Ravela, Ann Gleig, Nickolas Shrubsole
Fall 2017 (9 Faculty Fellows)
  • Modern Languages: Dina Fabery, Esmeralda Duarte, Monica Montalvo
  • Rosen College of Psychology: Martha, Hubertz, Valerie Sims, Jessica Waesche, Matt Chin,
  • Department of Theatre: Earl Weaver, Cynthia White, Aaron Thomas, Julia Listengarten
  • EAP: Alma Alarcon, Aimee Schoonmaker, Nichole Stack