Department Consultations

In order to work with faculty in different disciplines as closely as possible and to provide as high a level of customization of approaches and methods as possible, we offer department-specific workshops, which focus on the teaching and learning of writing that is specific to a department or discipline.

We offer departments workshops on a wide range of topics, which include assignment and course design, assessment, paper load management, and others. For more information about these customized workshops please schedule a consultation with us.  Our work on departmental projects tends to be cyclical.

Typical Workflow
  1. A department or unit  contacts us with an interest in the development of a writing-related instructional project. These projects can range from a revision of an existing writing assignment to a creation of a new one, to assessment, and so on.
  2. We conduct a series of consultations (needs analysis), either face-to-face or by e-mail with the faculty members in an effort to better understand their needs, affordances, and constraints. During this stage of a project, we work with faculty members to articulate their goals, objectives, and needs clearly
  3. Based on the needs analysis, we propose steps or activities to the faculty designed to help them achieve their goals.
  4. Faculty members work on the project, after which we typically conduct another round of consultations and discussions.
  5. Faculty revise and fine-tune the deliverables of the project and pilot them in the classroom.
  6. We meet again to discuss how well the project has worked so far and what adjustments need to be made to the deliverable and/or to the teaching methods.

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