Today, we announce a new university-wide WAC initiative. In collaboration with UCF's College of Graduate Studies, this academic year, we will offer a series of connected WAC-themed workshops designed specifically for graduate teaching assistants and other graduate students from across the disciplines interested in the learning and teaching of academic writing. The workshops will be offered as part of the Graduate College's long-standing Pathways to Success series. This is the first time WAC has been included in the series. Read more about A New Series of WAC Workshops for Graduate Teaching Assistants

On the morning of Friday, April 18, 2014, I had the pleasure of interviewing associate professor Dan Murphree from the Department of History about his prior experiences in the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Faculty Fellows program. Dan was a Fellow during the spring 2012 semester and has since incorporated many lessons about writing assignment design and scaffolding into his courses. For these efforts, professor Murphree was awarded the first Schell Award for Innovative Writing Instruction in the Disciplines. In the abridged interview transcript that follows, he shares some of his thoughts about writing and his experiences in the Faculty Fellows program.

Prior to participating in the WAC Faculty Fellows program, what did you see as the purpose of writing assignments in your course? Read more about An Interview with Dan Murphree, Winner of the Schell Award for Implementing Innovative Writing Instruction in the Disciplines

The latest issue of Faculty Focus, a publication of UCF's Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, features two items about writing instruction by assistant professor of anthropology Joanna Mishtal and assistant professor ot nursing Linda Gibson-Young. Dr. Mishtal describes an innovative writing workshop for graduate students she and her colelagues developed. Dr. Gibson-Young discusses the implementation of peer-review in her nursing courses.  Read more about Latest Issue of Faculty Focus Features Stories by two Former WAC Fellows


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