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As many of our readers know, UCF is committed to high quality online learning and teaching. To provide rigorous training for faculty wishing to teach online or hybrid courses, the university offers a graduate-level course on online instructional design and pedagogy. Last semester, WAC Director Pavel Zemliansky spoke to the members of that course about possible ways to use writing assignments in online courses, both large and small. The video of that talk is now available here. Read more about WAC Director Pavel Zemliansky Speaks at the IDL Showcase


On December 3, we held the Fall 2014 WAC Fellows showcase. This semester, the fellows came from the College of Education and Human Performance (2 teams) and from the College of Optics and Photonics. More photos of the event, are in this gallery. Read more about Fall 2014 WAC Fellows Showcase

Today, we announce a new university-wide WAC initiative. In collaboration with UCF's College of Graduate Studies, this academic year, we will offer a series of connected WAC-themed workshops designed specifically for graduate teaching assistants and other graduate students from across the disciplines interested in the learning and teaching of academic writing. The workshops will be offered as part of the Graduate College's long-standing Pathways to Success series. This is the first time WAC has been included in the series. Read more about A New Series of WAC Workshops for Graduate Teaching Assistants


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